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Originally Posted by mrmike79 View Post
The random occurred at 915 you sent me a PM at 926 .... Just sayin
1. That is not true and you clearly do not understand how this works. That was the posting which I told you about in your message.

2. The random occurred at 12:43 (9:43 your time).

3. My message to you:

Today, 12:26 PM
FROM: houdini
TO: mrmike79, papiis01, u_want_my_cards

TITLE: 3 spots opened momentarily, must act fast!

3 spots opened up, you can have any or all.

Here is the catch: you have to act fast and you have to pay immediately.

Step 1: Goto the thread and make sure they are not already claimed or that the random has occurred.

I posted the list for randomization already (post #158). So if they have been claimed or the list is randomed, it will all occur after that post on page 7.

Step 2: Post that you want the spots in the thread in order to claim them. No one else can take them once you claim them.

Step 3: Immediately pay by paypal GOODS.

DO NOT MENTION "BREAK" IN YOUR PAYMENT. Just say "CFBV" and your blowout ID in the title and message.


1 spot = $18.50
2 = $35.50
3 = $52.50
You skipped the first step. I broke it down as simply as I could for this very reason.

Just sayin'
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