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I have news...

Remember that missing auto relic from break #3?

Well, I requested it from Topps and I wasn't sure if they would give it to us because we did get all 4 autos - we were just missing the actual relic auto.

It arrived today:

Attachment 46962

So, I am going to go live in a few minutes and random it off to the teams in break #3 that missed out in the missing hit random AND the USA random.

Trying Ustream again... posting link in a moment.

Here is the list:

4. 1 diamondbacks4. 17 empty slot
5. 14 padres 5. 15 empty slot
7. 12 phillies 7. 5 empty slot
13. 7 tigers 13. 3 empty slot
15. 10 brewers 15. 13 empty slot

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