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Bump to the top...i have still yet to hear back from any members about payment (except for 2).

Apparantly per BOs website, the product has been pushed back until August 10 2011.

This will provide more time to get payments in, but would like some sort of acknowledgement from members if they intend on staying in break/when sending payment etc.

Originally Posted by poipounda View Post
would like this to fill, but it seems like it is stalling out. Is it possible to move this thread back to testing waters so we can have others try to sign up for it???
I had received 1 pm for confirmation on payment, who also said he would be able to take remaining slots depending on his money situation.

I will give it through the weekend. If i do not hear any responses, or posts in the thread then i will pm a mod to put this back on the Testing Waters sub forum to gain any more interest or a potential wait list.
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