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Originally Posted by Bruvydsb View Post
Where are we on this? Looks like the votes are now in favor of no break for June. Maybe we break Platinum for July, Lineage for August and roll June $ into September to help pay for the master case of TTT.
The poll doesn't close until tomorrow. Wanted to give everybody through the weekend to have an opportunity to vote. Right now it looks like the majority wish to not break in June and rollover the money for later use. Probably is the smartest thing to do.

I think we have to keep the 9box/18 box case TTT separate as not everybody wanted to contribute to the additional 9 boxes

September is already decided, so I will be putting out a poll to vote for August in the near future. Right now the new releases will be Lineage and Marquee for August. Could probably include Topps Chrome as it releases in early Sept. We haven't done an older product in a few months so if anybody has any suggestions please make them known.

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