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Originally Posted by wcbraun View Post
Yeah, he was on the whole time and he still won by 8 strokes so that was impressive.

I just can't get over the 20 people finishing under par. There's only been 18 people under par for the US Open for the previous 10 years so that's what tells you how easy the course was. The biggest thing was the greens. They were so soft that the golfers were putting the ball where ever they wanted and getting backspin at will. Usually the Open has greens like concrete that are so fast that if you miss a two foot tap-in putt, it can roll 15-20 feet past the hole. You can't stop the rain from falling but usually, they will try and dry out the greens if it rains. This week, they did nothing.
They did try to get a higher stimp on the greens. They were rolling at night, they just couldn't get them up there.

Never the less, the kid was outstanding.
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