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With no break and the rollover money from June + unclaimed teams, we will have a nice chunk of money to do whatever the club chooses to do with it (1000+, swerve can give an actual figure when he gets time), even after doing a 12 box platinum break for July. We will vote as always what product is to be broken.

I don't think it is feasible to use the rollever money for the TTT as we would not have anough to cover the entire case and not everybody wanted to add funds. Bowman Draft is a Nov product if I remember correctly, so we have some time to figure that one out.

I will be posting the thread for the August vote tonight or tomorrow. I'll leave it open for a week or so. The choices right now will be the new products Topps Chrome, Lineage and Marquee.

Also Bowman Chrome releases in Oct, if we want to do this it may be smart to get a deposit in soon.
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