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Originally Posted by got_Sheed? View Post
this is a by the hit break? whats a draft hit break then? sorry iam new to this and i just wanted to know the diffrence
im new as well to these breaks.

Im assuming this hit break is rank is based on order of packs broken. Since there is one hit per pack, #1 slot in the rank gets the 1st hit out of the first pack. #2 gets the hit out of the 2nd pack and so on....

In a draft Hit break... the case is opened up entirely and the #1 slot gets to choose the hit they want . 2nd and 3rd get to choose their hits there after.

The order doesnt really matter in this case break as the hits are pretty much random and based on wherever they come out of the packs.

Im sure dreamweaver will have to keep track and write down each hit out each pack as he must remember which hit belongs to which person. Also the pack have to be opened up 1 by 1 rather than cracking the whole case and sorting later.
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