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Originally Posted by Jon_21 View Post
Just paid dachman - thanks for organizing!

I'm new to these group breaks. From my understanding for the AFLAC and USA Autos you would choose which case # you want them for.

Would people be opposed to possibly having the 5 people with the respective slots drafting again after the break? i.e. you would still sort the breaks by case # but whoever had first pick of aflac autos would choose his/her case afterwards.

The reason I ask is it would really suck if someone took the Aflac auto from case 2 with pick #10 who ended up being a common and then someone with pick #35 took the Aflac auto from case 1 and ended up with a Harper.
This really ruins the point of the draft, it's all a gamble. You gotta get lucky. If it went this way it would destroy the draft.
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