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-I think another player draft of BDPP would be awesome, but it may be overkill to do it while the other one is running.
-I think a team draft of BDPP would be a bad idea as some have already mentioned.
-The 4 assorted case break you had suggested would be fun and more in the spirit of CFB, but I personally am not as excited about it as BDPP.
-The idea I like most right now would be a 3(or maybe 4) case hit break of BDPP. You would have the 36 autos + 9 USA autos + 10-12 low #d refs + chrome lots of the top prospects + 3 AFLACs + a few lots of reg refractors.... there are some good possibilities to put together some nice value for people. I think you could turn it in to 120-140 slots pretty easily and have it at $20-25 a slot, with a good amount of people getting good returns.

Maybe recruit some input from the high volume BDPP breakers on here as to ways to split everything up
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