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Originally Posted by peterose4hof View Post
If dachman gets a few big hits in his 5 cases I think another 4 or 5 case player break of BDPP would fill fast. If his cases are relatively uneventful then I think they would not.
Those are all good points.

There is another thing that worries me about Dachman's break - and I mean him no offense at all. However, he has never run a group break. A player draft is easily the most difficult break to run - hands down. I am afraid that there is a possibility that this break may be a lot more difficult than he has counted on.

If this break goes sour, then I think another BDPP break will not be possible anytime soon unless a mod is running it.

I joined the break so that I can watch and learn from it (and hopefully get a top 10 pick).
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