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Default Thanks to all Breakers for Donated Base

School ended yesterday, but starts again on July 5th for a month. I'll take a picture of the kids with the cards(after they earn them). I have a pretty motley crew of kids. It is like a mini united nations spanning the globe from Mexico to Burma and everything in between. I teach in the southern end on Atlantic City where a lot of old houses converted into tri and quad 3-4 family housing. The kids are good though with hardly ever a behavior problem. More of motivating them to keep reading and master multiplication facts has been a chore. I'll have them again for July and 16/22 will be back for the month because a few are going away to visit family.

Catfish PM me the extra postage and I'll paypal the balance.

Thanks again badsims,bigpoppacards,hearseguy,pico04,rconde,shsscr, if I had your proper names it would be more formal, but THANKS AGAIN!
John Harding
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