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Originally Posted by bboi30 View Post
Even with Dachman running the 5 case bdpp break, my guess is it will still fill pretty quickly. Sooomany people miss out on these types of things that running another one would be like a 2nd chance drawing for some, and it surely will fill. I have never done a player break, but they usually are the cheapest, and everyone usually ends up with something.

I think a hidden bonus would kind of be that we would have competing breaks. so it might be fun to see who's 5 case break gets the better hits. All a matter of luck really, but still kind of cool. JMO Chris.

As far as the older stuff the 07 SP, and the Masterpieces are great product, but I personally would have to think on it just due to those pesky redemption's. That really kills the case value IMO, and would ruin a break if it's a big hit.
I am just not sure it is feasible right now. Maybe though. How about I post a poll? Whatever wins, we can do that.

It stinks that the Finest break has us handcuffed.

About the older stuff, you are correct - the expired redemptions are messed up. However, the prices are lower because of just that. So, we are not paying full price...
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