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Default 2011 SP legendary Cuts Break

Dreams Mojo is getting passed along to you with this 2011 SP Legendary Cuts Case Break:

This break will be Draft style:

2011 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Hobby 5 Box Case - $1,119.95 : Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Break will be done live on Blog tv,

Price for case: 1195.95 via Blowout
239.19 Per slot
+ 7.29 for Paypal fees
+ 5.00 For shipping - Insurance is included on all 5 cards in this shipping cost. (insurance on each card will be 251.48($) All cards when shipped will have signature Confirmation to be received as well.

= 251.48 Per slot

5 Cards a case= 5 slots

We will do a Draft break of this


Configuration: 5 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 1 card per pack.

- Each box contains (1) Cut Signature Card!!
- Find at least (1) Multi-Player, Presidential or Exquisite card per 5-Box case!
- This will be the greatest Legendary Cuts product produced to date!!!


Legendary Cut Signatures (200)
- All Cuts are Hand Numbered!

Legendary Cuts:
- 200-card set
- Features 91 Hall of Famers including Clemente, Cobb, Robinson, Ruth, and Wagner!
- All cuts hand #'d to 35 or less!

Legendary Black Cuts:
- 400-card set
- Focused on the greatest franchises of all time including an unprecedented 75 Bronx Bombers!
- All cuts hand #'d to 40 or less!

Exquisite Cuts:
- 100-card set
- Greatest lineup of baseball legends ever!
- Includes Cobb, Gehrig, Lajoie, Johnson, Wagner, Ruth, Doubleday, Robinson, Young, and more!
- All cuts hand #'d to 5 or less!

- 1909 Detroit vs. Pittsburgh Dual Cut (Cobb, Wagner)
- 1919 Black Sox Quad Cut (Cicotte, Comiskey, Gandil, Landis)
- 1927 Murderer's Row Eight Cut (Combs, Koenig, Ruth, Gehrig, Meusel, Lazzeri, Dugan, Collins)
- 1934 St. Louis "Gashouse Gang" Eight Cuts (Carleton, Davis, Dean, Dean, Durocher, Frisch, Martin, Medwick)
- 1937 New York Quad Cut (Dickey, DiMaggio, Gehrig, Gomez)
- 1955 Brooklyn Past & Present Eight Cut (Campanella, Gilliam, Hodges, Koufax, Newcombe, Reese, Robinson, Snider)
- 1969 New York Past & Present Eight Cut (Agee, Clendenon, Hodges, Jones, Koosman, McGraw, Ryan, Seaver)
- Breaking Baseball's Color Barrier Dual Cut (Rickey, Robinson)
- 1931 Philadelphia All-Time Greats Quad Cut (Cochrane, Foxx, Grove, Simmons)
- 1941 Season for the Ages Dual Cut (DiMaggio, Williams)
- .400 Hitters Quad Cut (Hornsby, Sisler, Terry, Williams
- All-Time Greats Negro League Six Cut (Bell, Dandridge, Day, Johnson, Leonard, Paige)
- All-Time Greats Outfielders Past & Present Quad Cut (Aaron, DiMaggio, Mays, Williams)
- All-Time Greats Strikeout Kings Past & Present Triple Cut (Johnson, Koufax, Ryan)
- All-Time Hit Kings Past & Present (Cobb, Rose)
- All-Time Greats Home Run Kings Past & Present Triple Cut (Aaron, Bonds, Ruth)


Presidential Emblem Cuts:
- Folding Book cards featuring cut signatures of all 43 President's alongside a woven presidential seal
- All cuts are hand #'d to 5 or less

First Couple Dual Cuts:
- Folding Book cards featuring President's and first ladies
- Includes JFK & Jackie Kennedy, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and more!
- All cuts are hand #'d to 2 or less

Presidential Winning Ticket Dual Cuts:
- Folding Book cards pairing cuts of Presidents and Vice Presidents like Bill Clinton and Al Gore!
- All cuts hand #'d to 2

Royal Couple Dual Cuts:
- 1 of 1 folding book cards featuring cuts from famous royal couples like Princess Grace of Monaco and Prince Rainier!

Camelot Quad Cut:
- 1-of-1 four folding booklet card of John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and Ted Kennedy!

Get at least one (1) multi-player, Presidential or Exquisite cut signature cards per case!

Every card is hand numbered
Lexington Sports Cards Owner!Best Pulls:
Kobe Bryant Logoman AUTO 1/1 timeless treasures
Kyrie Irving Prizm GOLD 8/10 and 4/10
Kobe Bryant Totally Certified Black 1/1 AUTO

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