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Originally Posted by TOMBB25 View Post
I am down for any of them but my vote would go for one of the sterling products, quick break with nice hits, simple for it to be put together, drafted and shipped. I like the BDPP idea but of course the the problem with a team break is price. The only way you could really make it work in the current format to be a team break with a decent price is to have 5 separate case breaks each have 32 teams, so there are 160 slots. So if you buy 2 slots you only own a team in 2 of the 5 cases. If you do it that way....

$925 x5 = $4625
$4625/165 (160 team slots and 5 usa slots (1 per case) = $28/slot + supplies and PP fees

Either way is good for me, I just think we should keep the price reasonable ($20 - $30ish) per slot.
This does not change the problem of a team draft - you still have a 60% chance of getting nothing for $30+
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