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Originally Posted by Pacerjones20 View Post
sounds fun but sounds like a pain in the #@#@#@ to do.....good luck to you sir
Well, the player draft part will be a huge pain in the @$$ (sorting wise) - no question... but it is only 220 cards and not 660 or 792 (remember them days).

The hit draft of sterling is easy.

Now, I have devised a few things to make my life easier:

1. It is a RULE that you must provide a list. No excuses. I will make you a cheat sheet for the BDPP... but if I can do this whole break for us, you guys can give me a list.

2. The drafts are going to be LIVE ON USTREAM. If you cannot make it or you cannot log in, I will use your list. Plenty of notice.

Many, many problems solved this way. Call me genious.

There will be time for buy/sell/trade before and after the drafts.
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