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OK draft is complete.

Some thoughts.....

I wondered if I had a Top 3 or 4 pick what I would do.

Obviously if a DNA card is hit it's a no brainer but I valued the Non BB Sports hits a little higher than a top 3 or 4 team (Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies) value wise.

Only saw 1 Strasburg and it's an insert. No 2010 golden boy in the 2011 product??? Do you think there will be an unannounced Harper tie in at all?

Time will tell.

Please post in this thread any trades or sales you make to others. Also let it be known that if you purchased multiple teams and sell one to someone not currently in the break they must send me the difference in the shipping discount applied to multiple spots vs a single slot.

As far as I know release is still July 13 and I am in a 2 day zone.
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