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Confirming my two slots, but I'd like an extra two as well. Four total.

Also question: How are we going to be handling the Sterling Refractors? Do they go in the box lots, or are they treated as a hit? That's creating a little confusion in my draft list╣ thus far, since the refractors for that set are pretty solid and worth consideration.

╣Which are tough to put together btw. It's tough ranking these guys when you have these phantom guys with career 67.5 ERAs named SBORZ▓. Sborz can't possibly be a real name. Topps clearly invented this man to make sure we're paying attention. And I AM PAYING ATTENTION. How does Topps expect us to work with this. So unprofessional...

▓I know now that I've invoked the name SBORZ I'll not only end up with him in this break but Cesar Valdez as well. And we'll get a printing error and get a whole case of Cesar Valdez, so I'll have to spend an extra $15 to get them all shipped to me.
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