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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
199 of 423 filled as of now.

All updated to this point.

Please verify your spots to make sure that I haven't messed it up anywhere. Thanks.

Your other spot is there - just look a few spots down.

I think you are the only person to be in every break so far!

You won't hold us up. It is going to be the fastest 423 spot draft in history. We are NOT doing it on the thread - we are going LIVE! Everyone provides a list so that if you are not able to participate live or if you lose your connection/whatever - you still get the picks you want.

Some were already requested.. but I got you 5 spots.

Stupid phone. It changed my word. I hate that. I have a goddaughter named Magda and it kept changing her name to Gigi. WTH?

I have been in all the breaks. How could you forget 1 slot CFB I I had the Nationals?
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