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Updated to this point.

Also, to clarify, each pick can be EITHER a BDPP lot OR a Sterling draft position. Not both. At the end of the first draft we will have all the player slots chosen and a 164 slot post-break draft order for Sterling.

So the list you need to send me must reflect that... essentially, it will look like this:

1. Manny Machado auto
2. Sterling pick
3. Josh Sale auto (what? he's a Rays player!)
4. sterling pick...

You see?

Originally Posted by natbornkiller View Post
if you include
Rare refractors = extra hits
Reg. refractors /199 will be lotted together and also be an extra hit
the base slots would move these slots from middle of the draft picks to picks towards the top
Well, my reasoning is two-fold:

1. We can always be shorted a hit and this would offer protection from that.
2. Some of these refractors may be worth more than the autos.

What if I combined the more common refractors with the base lots but left the /50, /25, /10, etc as hits?
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