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Default 97S281_27's TTM Success Thread

I've just started getting into TTMs recently and wanted to make a thread to share my successes in. Right now the only site I know of to get addresses is the TTM Manager on SCF so if anyone knows of good sites that you use and wouldn't mind sending me a PM with the link i'd greatly appreciate it.

So far here are the TTM requests i've sent out...

TTMs still waiting to get back:
Shaq - Sent 1 card on 6/4/11
Rickey Jackson - Sent 2 cards on 6/6/11
Morten andersen - Sent 2 cards on 6/6/11
Herschel Walker - Sent 1 card on 6/11/11
Warren Moon - Sent 1 card on 6/11/11
Brian Wilson - Sent 1 card on 6/18/11
Rampage Jackson - Sent 1 card c/o UFC on 6/18/11
Peyton Manning - Sent 1 card c/o foundation with $5 donation to foundation on 6/18/11
Micah Gibbs - Sent 1 card c/o Pieoria Chiefs on 6/25/11
Jim Everett - Sent 2 cards on 6/29/11
Jared Mitchell - Sent 1 card c/o Winston-Salem Dash on 6/29/11
DJ Lemahieu - Sent 1 card on 6/29/11
Austin Ross - Sent 1 card c/o Brevard County Manatees on 7/1/11

TTMs Successes:

Will Clark - Sent 2 cards on 6/4/11 and received both cards signed on 6/20/11

Y.A. Tittle - Sent 2 cards on 6/4/11 and received both cards signed on 6/20/11

I'll keep this thread updated as I send new TTM requests out and as I get returns back in.

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