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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
The reason they don't allow teams to trade picks is because teams like the Yankees and Red Sox would be in position to take advantage due to their budgets.

Suppose Kansas City has the #1 pick and this pick is likely to demand a $10 million signing bonus or will re-enter the draft. New York calls Kansas City and offers the #22 pick, a AA-prospect and financial considerations and suddenly the Yankees get the top prospect in the game despite being a contender every year.
That simply isn't true. Especially now days with how much emphasis has been put on developing prospects. The other part to that argument is the thought that only teams with large payrolls can sign top prospects when the reality is that any major league could sign all of it's picks with a 12 Million dollar or less budget. Easily. This just assumes that because they are a smaller market team that they are going to take the money and the easy sign and I don't believe that at all. So the Rays would just trade away their top pick to the Yankees or Red Sox? I think not...
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