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Originally Posted by WCTYSON View Post
Those two PSA 10 Harper refs...........$$$$$. I just sold a base BGS 10 for $250+. Very nice stuff as usual. If you would consider trading or selling your Heyward BGS 9/10 auto LMK, thanks. I love the blue Sano. What colors do you have now?
Only one harper - posted it twice...oops.
Heyward probably tradable...lord knows I have enough of them.
Sano's...have 2 blues, 8 or 9 refractors, a few base, 1 gold, 2 reds, and then some platinum to boot.

And 7290morint, I was stunned it didn't 9.5. 8.5 on corners? Didn't see that coming at all. That's why it's going back...I never take the first "opinion" if I don't like it His sigs are all over the place - no doubting that.
* Looking for high end Danielle Hunter rc, especially Contenders Cracked Ice
*Also LF 1997 PMG Red FB and star Non-Auto Topps Chrome Red Refractor rc
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