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Default 6 Box Baseball Break

Good Evening Gentlemen,

I really wanted to break a pack of Sports Kings, but instead to hold me over I ordered 6 boxes from Blowout. I ordered boxes that I needed to finish base sets and that all had high odds of GU/Auto's/plus were right for the money. I figured 23 hits for $330 was a beter deal for me. Sorry I don't have a scanner hooked up, but plan to steal my wife's this week for the future. Good luck to the Sports Kings Group, you are braver than me!!!

Half a bottle of 21 year old scotch, 4 red bulls and 4 hours later this is the results!!

I will only list the hits and not the parrells'/RC's or inserts.

2 Boxes of 2007 Fleer Ulra SE

Aramis Ramierez Jersey
Carlos Beltran Jersey
Miguel Cabrera Jersy(pinstripe)
Eric Chavez Jersey
Chipper Jones Jersey
Mariano Rivera Jersey(pinstripe)
Luke Scott Dual Jersey(#'d 147/160)
Andruw Jones Dual Jersey(#'d 153/160)
Miguel Montero RC Auto(#'d 72/149)
Kevin Kouuzmanoff RC Auto(#'d 68/199)

1 Box of 2006 UD Future Stars

Jason Bergman RC Auto
Aaron Rakers RC Auto
Scott Dunn RC Auto
Jordan Tata RCAuto
Boof Bonser RC Auto(red ink #'d 26/35)

1 box of 2007 Topps Chrome

Carlos Maldonado RC Auto(white refractor #'d 20/200)
Dennis Sarfate RC Auto(going to we6374)
Jeff Suppan Red Refractor #'d 66/68(going to we6374)

1 box of 2006 Topps 52

Scott Mathieson RC Auto
Joel Guzman RC Auto
Kevin Fransen RC Auto(redemption)see ya in a year

1 box of 2006 UD SP Authentic

Darrell Rasner RC Auto(#'d 104/399)
Fransico Liriano RC Auto(#'d 147/299)
Cole Hamels By the Letter RC Auto'd Patch(#'d 79/120)

Please check out the trade post's in the next couple days as I will be happy to trade base of these sets to help finish sets. Thanks!!!
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