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Originally Posted by sals_cardz View Post
if we cant fill this i will take another spot.
sals_cardz, I went ahead and put you down for another spot, thanks

Originally Posted by ckcardz View Post
ive got 1 question i looked over. if we get all 30 spots filled for a total of up to $300 cant we go as high as $250 depending on the boxes chosen? like if we did ultimate and stuff like that, theres alot less shipping than if we did others with still enough room for fees. just a question
ckcardz, I want to keep this in the $150-$200 range for now. I plan on keeping track of everybody's shipping charges separate. Those who want their cards right away will of course get them. Those who want to consolidate their cards from 2 months of breaking will then have the option of getting free shipping for that 2nd month club break price. My goal is to keep shipping prices down as much as possible for everyone and keep the monthly club a very cheap price.
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