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I understand what you are saying. Like say 2 boxes of timeless treasures and a box of ultimate would total to be only 14 cards total for the entire break, meaning only 14 packages at most would get sent out. Which, in that case, would cut shipping in half and drop the price to $10. However, I do not believe there will be many breaks like this with such low amount of cards, but it could happen.

For the time being, I want to keep it at the $150-$200 box total. For $200 total on boxes, that would be our $10 max monthly price. (200/30 = $6.67 then + $3 shipping = $9.67, + paypal fees of $0.58 = $10.25) This is why I am allowing people to combine the cards they get from one month with the next months, in order to save on the shipping prices. If you combine, when the next month's price comes around, you will not have to pay the $3 shipping, only after it is used will it need to be added again.

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yeah i know what im saying is that $10 each= $300. dont think fees & shipping take $100.
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