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I will see what the majority wants to choose between putting the extra shipping money towards future breaks, or having free shipping for the next month if you did not use it.

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payment sent!

and what i was saying was this:

lets say this months shipping costs $30 total but we had $100 to ship with then there is people who choose to group shipments together. add $3 for each of those people lets just say hypothetically 5 so a total of $45.

100-45= $55 left over. then next month we could have $200+ that $55 to spend. and those people that chose to group payments dont pay the $3 because it was added to overall shipping the month before even though your shipping this month

when i hosted them i did this and it worked out well because it gave an added amount of money and we eventually drained the whole pot for a product like exquisite and started from the max amount of lets say $200 like here again.

just a suggestion.
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