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I always buy the pc1II (for regular cards), pc3 for GU cards), pc20 (for patch cards) and pc10 (for the 180pt. cards)
I now have to go out of my way to get these as my LCS's distributer was bought by Diamond direct and stopped supplying card supplies unless they make them.
these are all the snap cases and don't cost an arm and leg when you need a good amount. I also use thier magnetics and screw downs for the nicer cards. (I put all my autos and gu'ed cards in one of these cases (and the ones above fit in all card shoeboxes so they are easy to store)

just my 2cents but pro-mold would be great Pat.
Originally Posted by pat_blowoutcards View Post
We are looking to start carrying some Pro-Mold items, mainly the magnetic holders.
Pro-Mold Product Line

Let us know what products you want! If we see enough demand we will adjust our order accordingly.

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