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Default 5 Case Player Draft of 2010 Topps Chrome Football

The break format has been change a little bit. All the vet base is going to be combined by teams to reduce the number of slots. If this changes your mind about wanting to join this break, let me know!

I do have 2 slots of my own in this break so I can hopefully snag my PC guy. If somehow I get #1 pick out of the random I'll still pick my PC guy, I'm not here to make a profit or anything.

Slot Breakdown

39: Each rookie autograph
110: Each rookie base and all its parallels
32: Each vet team base and all its parallels
5: Any rookie patch auto (1 slot for each case)
5: Any multi player auto or Redzone auto (1 slot for each case)
5: All inserts (1 slot for each case)

For a total of 196 slots
Case Price: 679.99

Raw slot price = (679.99*5)/196 = $17.35
Shipping = 1-2 slots = $2, 3+ slots = $4.75 for flat rate bubble mailer
Supplies = $1 per slot

1 Slot = $21.25
2 Slots = $40.13
3 Slots = $61.84
4 Slots = $80.72
5+ Slots = ($18.35 * # slots + $4.75)*1.029 + $0.30

Draftable Slots

Please note that the patch auto and multi auto/redzone slots are a gamble. There is nothing guaranteed case wise for these so you may get nothing or you may get a couple.

Once the break is full, the draft list will be randomized 10 times by a mod and that will form the order that we draft the slots. Below are the available slots to draft.

C3 Jahvid Best Auto
C11 Golden Tate Auto
C13 Dexter McCluster Auto
C16 Jonathan Dwyer Auto
C44 Mike Williams Auto
C46 Ben Tate Auto
C47 Andre Roberts Auto
C51 Brandon LaFell Auto
C60 Dez Bryant Auto
C66 Taylor Price Auto
C70 Colt McCoy Auto
C84 David Reed Auto
C86 Joe Haden Auto
C98 Eric Decker Auto
C100 Tim Tebow Auto
C103 Riley Cooper Auto
C106 Emmanuel Sanders Auto
C107 Jermaine Gresham Auto
C110 Demaryius Thomas Auto
C112 Rob Gronkowski Auto
C120 C.J. Spiller Auto
C130 Jimmy Clausen Auto
C136 Armanti Edwards Auto
C139 Mike Kafka Auto
C140 Ryan Mathews Auto
C148 Jacoby Ford Auto
C150 Sam Bradford Auto
C157 Marty Gilyard Auto
C159 Joe McKnight Auto
C160 Ndamukong Suh Auto
C161 Marcus Easley Auto
C168 Montario Hardesty Auto
C170 Gerald McCoy Auto
C172 Damian Williams Auto
C186 Arrelious Benn Auto
C208 Jordan Shipley Auto
C212 Rolando McClain Auto
C216 Toby Gerhart Auto
C218 John Skelton Auto

Rookie Patch Auto Case 1
Rookie Patch Auto Case 2
Rookie Patch Auto Case 3
Rookie Patch Auto Case 4
Rookie Patch Auto Case 5

Multi/Redzone Auto Case 1
Multi/Redzone Auto Case 2
Multi/Redzone Auto Case 3
Multi/Redzone Auto Case 4
Multi/Redzone Auto Case 5

Inserts Case 1
Inserts Case 2
Inserts Case 3
Inserts Case 4
Inserts Case 5

C3 Jahvid Best
C11 Golden Tate
C12 Myron Rolle
C13 Dexter McCluster
C14 Morgan Burnett
C16 Jonathan Dwyer
C17 Dezmon Briscoe
C21 Charles Scott
C22 Linval Joseph
C23 Ed Wang
C28 Anthony Dixon
C29 Chad Jones
C31 Taylor Mays
C32 Devin McCourty
C36 Dan LeFevour
C38 Sean Lee
C44 Mike Williams
C46 Ben Tate
C47 Andre Roberts
C48 Kareem Jackson
C49 Zac Robinson
C51 Brandon LaFell
C53 Russell Okung
C56 Brandon Graham
C58 Mike Iupati
C60 Dez Bryant
C65 Carlos Dunlap
C66 Taylor Price
C67 Jimmy Graham
C68 Walter McFadden
C69 Patrick Robinson
C70 Colt McCoy
C72 Tyson Alualu
C73 Chris Cook
C74 Joe Webb
C82 Jerry Hughes
C84 David Reed
C85 Brandon Spikes
C86 Joe Haden
C87 Aaron Hernandez
C88 Terrence Cody
C93 Carlton Mitchell
C96 John Conner
C97 Charles Brown
C98 Eric Decker
C99 Brandon Ghee
C100 Tim Tebow
C102 Trent Williams
C103 Riley Cooper
C106 Emmanuel Sanders
C107 Jermaine Gresham
C109 Jermaine Cunningham
C110 Demaryius Thomas
C112 Rob Gronkowski
C113 Major Wright
C114 Anthony Davis
C117 Daryl Washington
C118 Kyle Wilson
C119 Koa Misi
C120 C.J. Spiller
C121 Pat Angerer
C125 Dan Williams
C130 Jimmy Clausen
C134 Everson Griffen
C135 Earl Thomas
C136 Armanti Edwards
C138 Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
C139 Mike Kafka
C140 Ryan Mathews
C144 Rodger Saffold
C148 Jacoby Ford
C149 T.J. Ward
C150 Sam Bradford
C153 James Starks
C157 Marty Gilyard
C158 Jerome Murphy
C159 Joe McKnight
C160 Ndamukong Suh
C161 Marcus Easley
C163 Torell Troup
C164 Amari Spievey
C165 Sergio Kindle
C166 Jonathan Crompton
C168 Montario Hardesty
C170 Gerald McCoy
C171 Sean Weatherspoon
C172 Damian Williams
C175 Tony Pike
C176 Reggie Wayne
C179 Levi Brown
C183 Maurkice Pouncey
C184 Sean Canfield
C185 Ed Dickson
C186 Arrelious Benn
C188 Jared Odrick
C189 Phillip Dillard
C195 Eric Berry
C197 Rennie Curran
C198 Javier Arenas
C199 Kevin Thomas
C201 Jason Pierre-Paul
C204 Lamarr Houston
C205 Anthony McCoy
C207 Derrick Morgan
C208 Jordan Shipley
C212 Rolando McClain
C213 Nathaniel Allen
C215 Darryl Sharpton
C216 Toby Gerhart
C218 John Skelton

49ERS Vet Base and Parallels
BEARS Vet Base and Parallels
BENGALS Vet Base and Parallels
BILLS Vet Base and Parallels
BRONCOS Vet Base and Parallels
BROWNS Vet Base and Parallels
BUCS Vet Base and Parallels
CARDINALS Vet Base and Parallels
CHARGERS Vet Base and Parallels
CHIEFS Vet Base and Parallels
COLTS Vet Base and Parallels
COWBOYS Vet Base and Parallels
DOLPHINS Vet Base and Parallels
EAGLES Vet Base and Parallels
FALCONS Vet Base and Parallels
GIANTS Vet Base and Parallels
JAGUARS Vet Base and Parallels
JETS Vet Base and Parallels
LIONS Vet Base and Parallels
PACKERS Vet Base and Parallels
PANTHERS Vet Base and Parallels
PATRIOTS Vet Base and Parallels
RAIDERS Vet Base and Parallels
RAMS Vet Base and Parallels
RAVENS Vet Base and Parallels
REDSKINS Vet Base and Parallels
SAINTS Vet Base and Parallels
SEAHAWKS Vet Base and Parallels
STEELERS Vet Base and Parallels
TEXANS Vet Base and Parallels
TITANS Vet Base and Parallels
VIKINGS Vet Base and Parallels


1. grahamgdogg (5)
2. grahamgdogg
3. grahamgdogg
4. grahamgdogg
5. grahamgdogg
6. armyatc22 (1)
8. Cornerstore (3)
9. Cornerstore
10. Cornerstore
11. JohnfromtheBay (4)
12. JohnfromtheBay
13. JohnfromtheBay
14. JohnfromtheBay
15. shaneohio21 (3)
16. shaneohio21
17. papiis01 (2)
18. papiis01
19. shaneohio21
20. sox4life (2)
21. hester72598 (6)
22. sox4life
23. primecardz (2)
24. primecardz
25. kl4life2 (3)
26. kl4life2
27. Prospect_Man (2)
28. kl4life2
29. DizzyDSki (1)
30. billdog3484 (1)
31. wilsonsingles (8)
32. hester72598
33. wilsonsingles
34. wilsonsingles
35. wilsonsingles
36. wilsonsingles
37. wilsonsingles
38. wilsonsingles
39. wilsonsingles
40. The700Level (2)
41. The700Level
42. reddeer (3)
43. reddeer
44. reddeer
46. cardinalscards4 (1)
47. houdini (1)
50. p.thomaston (2)
53. joestyl (2)
54. msumarr54 (1)
74. hester72598
88. jdin8455 (2)
112. [B]JDK16 (2)[/B
118. frankferry (4)
121. hester72598
124. Hail24 (3)
127. jdin8455
129. frankferry
131. joestyl
134. JDK16
139. frankferry
140. frankferry
142. hester72598
143. Hail24
145. Hail24
148. Prospect_Man
171. p.thomaston
191. hester72598
195. dachman
196. dachman
James Starks Super Collector

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