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Originally Posted by blowoutcards View Post
Thank you all for participating in our 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest Promo. The combined total was 102.The 1st post with the correct guess was Post # 22 (Frankferry). Please email us at for your FREE Box of 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball. Stay tuned for many more Great Promo's from Blowoutcards !

WOW I cant believe I won!! What a lucky guess!! Thanks for the contest and holy crap I still cant believe I won.. What a long shot haha. I sent ya the email. Thanks blowout! Your the best as always!

And to think that today I just had 2 wisdom teeth pulled and im sitting here in agony and then bang! I win a contest and I feel like a million bucks =P

Thanks Chris and everyone from blowout!

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