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not info production number ? are the auto are still /90 with some sp ? iam going to buy some for sure to complete the turkey red and base set since the number on the card continue from s1 but i dont think i will make the auto set on this one. iam a big boxing fan id like to see big name current boxer, klitschko brothers, pac man, b-hop, j.m marquez, PBF, calzaghe and raising star like donaire, pascal, khan (he sucks i know but got a big fan base), bute, a. ward (in fact all the super 6) i dont think thos product alot cheaper compare to round 1 i got burn the first time buying them at 300$ a box in montreal i will wait a month or so if this product price tag is higher 150$ it will come down to around 100$ a box too i think. the quality of the card is there now it only need some love from the collector !!!
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