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After reading through the May poll again, it was pretty clear that the group favored a 12 box case of platinum. I have asked swerve to contact Chris and see if it is a problem changing. He has stated it shouldn't be a problem.

For August with the limited response it seems like people only want to do a 6 box case of Marquee, but we will again open it up to those that wish to add additional funds to make it a 12 box case. Hopefully we can get 15 and everybody would get 2 teams. If we lock in soon with 15 teams the additional for August would be about $70, this would go down with more teams included and go up for less.

For September, we have a deposit in on the 18 box case TTT. 20+ owners have indicated they will add the necessary funds, but not everybody is willing, so we cannot use club funds to purchase the second 9 box case.

This will leave us with a nice bankroll to do pretty much whatever we want in the last 3 months.

Silent bidding for the remaining unclaimed teams is now open and will close at midnight on July 18 (it will be a 12 box case, so bid accordingly), PM silent bids to me. Payments for July are also due at that time.
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