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Just gonna throw out another option for the remainder of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!

We go through and vote on Aug-Dec Breaks. Once we make the decision it's final and cannot be changed. Majority Rules. We then add up the Cost for all 5 breaks (including supplies and misc expenditures). Minus what we have in the kitty from the Months of June and July etc. Divide the remaining cost by all the participants, divided by remaining 5 months and that's what we pay for the remaining year.

The three additional slots will not be auctioned. We can divide up those slots by the participants. This will be randomed AFTER we decided what we are breaking and what the cost per month will be. There will only be 15 available slots so we can make it to where a couple of months the cards may be divied amongst several participants. (ie Participant A gets All White Sox Cards from Boxes 1-4 in the case, Participant B gets 5-8, Participant C get 9-12 etc etc and do this with remaining 5 breaks to make it where each participant gets additional cards from teams not taken.

Hope this make sense??????

P.S. This can also help us go Lock in Prices for remaining of the Year.
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