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Originally Posted by Bruvydsb View Post
I'm a bit confused. In June we did not break 2010 Bowman Chrome because the majority (1 more vote) wanted to skip the month. However for September, 20+ members (the vast majority) want to do the 18 box case of TTT and we can't use the June funds? I guess I don't understand why in 1 instance the majority rules and in the other it does not.
I'll try to make sense of it. At $45/team/month we have/had enough funds to do a case of Bowman Chrome in June. We have always voted by majority for choosing product and the majority chose to skip June and roll the funds over. No matter what we do (that is unless we skip 3-4 months in a row), we will never have enough to cover the entire case of TTT (case price $3250).

Every member in the beginning agreed to only $45/month and some although only a few have expressed their wishes to not put anything more than the $45 in the pot. The choosing of the product has been by majority, the addition of the extra boxes and funds has been by choice. Not everybody has to add additional money, but then they do not partake in the additional boxes.

I believe this good for the club as we have a nice chunk of money that we can use to pretty much do any case or multiple cases the rest of the year.

Again, I realize this sucks. But really there is nothing that could be done when the products got delayed other than take a vote and move on. Hopefully this makes sense.
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