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Originally Posted by S.U.I.Z.I.D. View Post
No. He didn't pay on time now what makes u think he'll pay on the 18. These strict rules and should be enforced but I don't really care. Wait for the another excuse on the 18....
Originally Posted by badsims View Post
As someone who also hosts group breaks, i think you are creating a problem for yourself. If you give Texans an extension you must honor that extension to everyone who is unpaid. If something happens and he cannot pay on monday then you will have 1/4 of your break (8 of 32 slots) to fill in 8 days (this also leaves little time to random and team trades and for you to pay with only our money before the release date).

It is your break though, so if you feel that monday is acceptable im ok with it.
While I believe texans81 is a good trader based off his feedback, I do agree that the extension would be too much if he didn't end up paying. I've sent him a PM to see if he wants to either pay today or drop some slots, so we'll see.

There are 2 slots that haven't responded at all and 1 that's still pending. We do have 3 people on the reserve list which is good and I know Badsims said he'd pick up another slot or 2 if need be. We'll wait to see how the day plays out and go from there. Thanks everyone for your help.
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