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Originally Posted by msumarr54 View Post
Houdini, I appreciate it your breaks as much as the next guy, but have you done the research with Paypal and reporting for taxes?? I have no idea if you going WAY over the limit or not, but just don't want to see you get burned.
I am taxed on my profit. Usually I make $30.00 (sometimes more, sometimes less) but twice I have messed up and had to pay out of pocket for shipping. So, I will be taxed on profit. I just need to keep meticulous records of each break (and I do).

Originally Posted by u_want_my_cards View Post
Im in for at least 1. Just would like to know how much each slot is.
Not completely sure yet. I know that Robert has approved the break, but I need to email Chris and see what he thinks about it all. I have to make sure that this won't count against my active break total until November... I don't want to handcuff myself on doing any other breaks between now and then because I am REALLY looking forward to Lineage!

Originally Posted by zw15 View Post
How would you do if we pull Futures game relics and 60th anniversary autos??
The Futures game and 60th anniversary cards I would just random - unless you guys think they may be common enough that we are likely to pull one. We could add 1 slot or 1 slot per 5 cases or even 1 slot per case... suggestions?

Originally Posted by tehchamp View Post
Dumb question, but say I get a top 5 pick and I take Gerrit Cole. I get every autograph, regular, chrome, refractor of Cole we pull right?
Any auto is separate, there are auto slots (all autos and auto color) and then base slots (all parallels except the auto).

Originally Posted by zw15 View Post
There should be 33 auto slots based on the sell sheet.
I thought I had it right, but do not worry, I will get every single auto a slot.

Originally Posted by rambel View Post
And I thought the usual max number of cases per product from BO is 4-5.
I will talk to Robert and Chris. Whatever they say goes. Robert did approve this already though - so I am assuming it is ok.
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