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Originally Posted by LuckBoxCa420 View Post
Its a hobby case. I got it from Blowout, actually I got 2.Not all packs have 3 cards. In fact I did find some with more than 4 cards. I have packs still sealed with, what would be 1 or 2 cards per pack. I had to use a scale after opening packs from several boxes that did not have 4 cards in them.
What could be in these packs with 1 or 2 cards, 1 or 2 more check lists? Did Topps ever put out any packs with single cards in them, besides the Uncirculated cards?
I got 3 redemption cards. This is my 4th Hobby case. I dont know anything about these redemption cards. Hadnt seen any of them sell prior to getting 3 of them. Anyone know what those tend to go for? I forget who I got, and dont think its a good idea for me to look right now.
07 Bowman Chrome Baseball didn't have checklists inserted into packs or uncirculated box toppers.

the only redemptions i've seen are from Wes Hodges & JR Towels.
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