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Originally Posted by go_steelers07 View Post
07 Bowman Chrome Baseball didn't have checklists inserted into packs or uncirculated box toppers.

the only redemptions i've seen are from Wes Hodges & JR Towels.
that would be impossible for them not to have checklists. I have a billion of them!
Yes, I got 1 Hodges Xfractor, selling for around $20 on Ebay, and 2 Towles base redemption, selling for around the same on Ebay. Yippie skip. Other "hits" base Justin Reed Blue,Brad Lincoln Blue,Kevin Mulvey X,Chad Rogers X,Chris Coghlan X,Chad Rogers Ref,Josh Rodriguez Ref,Greg Reynolds Ref,Justin Reed Au,Will Venable Au,Kevin Mulvey Au,Chad Rogers Au,Chris Coghlan Au,Jeremy Paplebon Au,Cedric Hunter Au,Fernando Martinez Au,Cesar Nicolas Au,Mark Hamilton Au 2 Luke Hochevar Au's

Nice, I like getting 2 of the same POS's. That way it takes up more space to keep it around.

I got SCREWED here, any guesses how much I will loose? How about we have Blowout set up a "Where will it end" contest. You can all place your guesses below. Maybe the prize will be one of my mystery 1 card packs of Bowman Chrome.

Ryan Braun Gold Ref,finally Pulled a Braun Refractor,oh wait....
Nick Markakis Gold
Robert Rohrbaugh Gold
Chris Salamida Gold
Russell Martin Gold
Alex Rodriguez Gold
Mike Cameron Gold
Alex Rodriguez Blue
Mike Cameron Blue
Troy Butler Blue
Carlos Fisher Blue
Ole Sheldon Blue
Phillip Britton Blue
Randy Johnson Blue
Michael Cuddyer Blue
Paul Konerko Blue
Pal LoDuca Blue
Mark Kotsay Blue
Ubaldo Jimenez Blue
Romon Hernandez Blue
Chase Utley Blue

Anyone notice a pattern?
I cant imagine a worse break than this

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