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Originally Posted by tivy22 View Post
Will there be a set draft time limit once you bust the case? Will we have time to trade picks and so forth? Thanks for any info you can give.
As far as trading picks, there should be plenty of time after the case is paid for and before it gets released to trade picks.(about 2 1/2 weeks).
And yes there will be a time limit once the case is busted. I feel 4 hours is a good time limit.
Once the case is broken i will make a ranking list or what i think the best hits are in order of 1-52 to include the base slots in case we get a 1/1 non auto or Game Used. Then i will post scans of all the hits and my ranking list. If some one does not pick in their 4 hour window they will get the best card still available on my list.
The case will most likely be broken on a Friday night to give everyone the weekend to make the selections. The only part i haven't decieded yet is if the clock should run continously or if i should set drafting hours (8am -10pm). Let me know what everyone thinks on this because this is your guys break, I just get to open all the cards for fun!
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