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4 total cases....2 were from Blowout.
Originally Posted by go_steelers07 View Post
i don't remember getting any checklists in packs.......... hmm? anyway, i count 41 total autos that you posted..... how the he** did you pull 42 out of 24 boxes and then say that you can't imagine a worse break?

1 Hodges Xfractor
2 Towles base
Justin Reed Blue
Brad Lincoln Blue
Kevin Mulvey X
Chad Rogers X
Chris Coghlan X
Chad Rogers Ref
Josh Rodriguez Ref
Greg Reynolds Ref
Justin Reed Au
Will Venable Au
Kevin Mulvey Au
Chad Rogers Au
Chris Coghlan Au
Jeremy Paplebon Au
Cedric Hunter Au
Fernando Martinez Au
Cesar Nicolas Au
Mark Hamilton Au
2 Luke Hochevar Au's
2 Hunter base auto's and a refractor
hochevar X and 2 Base
J. Rod base Au
DeJesus Au
Mulvey Au
Cahill Au
Joba Au
Greg reynolds Au
Pence Au
Mark Hamilton Blue Au
Peter Bourjos Ref
Jeremy Paplebon X
Chris Coghlan X
Betances Au
Perez Au

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