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Here's how I would break down 2011 BDP:

2011 Bowman Draft Picks 5 Case Break

60 Slots - All Autos (Hit Draft) [includes Harper Auto]
110 Slots - Prospects (Player Draft) [includes base, chrome all refractors and plates]
110 Slots - Rookies (Player Draft) [includes base, chrome all refractors and plates]

AFLACs, Relics, 60th Anniversary Cards and extra autos will be included in the 60 Slot Hit Draft. Any left over hits will be randomed. As outlined in the BC draft info above, depending on the number of hits we have left will determine how many randoms, starting from the last draft pick working up. So if we have 280 slots, and there are 20 hits left after the hit draft, slots 261-280 would have a stab at the remaining hits. This makes having the late picks not as sucky.

280 Slots total.
@$725 per case
X 5 Cases
$3625 @ $12.95 per slot plus Shipping and Handling

I will work out shipping/handling/fees shortly. My guess is, they will add another $3-$5 to the final slot pricing.
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