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The following packages went out yesterday July 18th

26Bruvydsb Mets

15oldgoldy97 Giants

20dimer10 Pirates

25kelleys1 Dodgers

2zep 3 Boxes 1-6 Non Baseball Sports themed cards
31zep 2 Nationals From PM List
34zep 1 Royals

The following packages and packaged, postage paid and will be dropped off at the PO at lunch..

5Bum Dawg Boxes 7-12 Non Baseball Sports themed cards
22Bum Dawg 4 Rockies
29Bum Dawg 1 Orioles

6Dacubs 1 Red Sox via PM list
33Dacubs 2 Astros

8 reddeer Yankees
12reddeer Brewers
17Reddeer Rangers from grahamgdogg
18Reddeer Tigers From themiz
21reddeer 2 Angles
32 reddeer from AZDbacksFan Indians From PM list

9Troybuilts 3 Braves
16Troybuilts 1 Marlins
19Troybuilts 2 TB Rays
23Troybuilts 4 Diamondbacks

10JohnfromtheBay 1 Cardinals
28JohnfromtheBay 2 Blue Jays

14John91C 1 Mariners
27John91C 2 White Sox

24RckyMtCollector Oakland A's

The last grouping are packaged and awaiting member information. PM Sent.

1grahamgdogg 3 Boxes 7-12 Non Baseball Non Sports themed cards
11grahamgdogg 1 Reds
13grahamgdogg Twins From the miz via Reddeer

3swanssy 2 Boxes 1-6 Non Baseball Non Sports themed cards
7swanssy 1 Cubs

4biged_0 1 Philadelphia Phillies
30biged_0 2 Padres
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