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Default Last Check for BP TTM

Hey, just want to ask a quick question for the Brandon Phillips TTM that I'm about to send out. When I asked in an older thread for an address someone posted this addy.

Brandon Phillips
c/o Cincinnati Reds
100 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

On the Reds site the address says the following

Great American Ball Park
100 Joe Nuxhall Way
Cincinnati, OH 45202

I was just wondering if it matters which addy I use, because it looks pretty obvious that its the same address, just wanted to check which one would be better to use. I'm pretty sure its a dumb question but just wanted to check, so excuse me for my lack of intelligence lol. Thanks for reading my post and thanks for advance for your help.

The picture below is what I'm sending out, it's a collage made it adobe shop by my sister, graphics designer lol. If you guys want any collages done I'll try to ask her to do them, but no guarantees. I'd like to keep this picture unique for myself, but as I said I can get her to do other unique ones for you guys. Thanks for reading my post!
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