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We have 74 members!

Originally Posted by greenjdo View Post
Maybe we should put a limit on spots per break... As in the spots fill so fast because because they are cheap and everybody gets 10 spots... Meaning less people get to join... Whatcha think
I won't do it because some of these guys buy 10 - 15 slots in EVERY break, not just the ones that fill in minutes. What do I say? "Hey, thanks for helping me fill CFB6, but now that we are doing INSANITY you can only have 5 spots."

See what I mean? Can't have the pie and eat it too.

Now, with 74 members, we are getting a bit unwieldy and some of you guys missed out on the last break. Don't think I did not notice or that I have not been working on a fix. Let's leave it at that for now, but an announcement is forthcoming.
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