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Actually, my thinking is, the more cases we do, the better chance we land a BIG hit. I would do more than 5, but I don't think I have the stamina to sort that many cards. So 5 cases is a good balance of a) Cards to sort b) number of hits c) price point per slot. Also the way I have it setup, there's a little something for everyone. Player slots, Hit Slots, Team Slots. Everyone has flexibility to pick what they are after.

I really want to do both BC and BDP. But I'm going to get the Marquee break under my belt first before I commit to a 5 case break. Besides, BC is 3 months out and BDP 4 months. I have some time to think this through. 95% chance it will happen. The only thing rushing me is the possibility of prices spiking. But I did the math, and even if it jumps $100-$200 per case, we'll still be in good shape.
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