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Originally Posted by thatkidbilly View Post
Looks like we are about to have a full NFL season... goodbye lockout...Hello Finest

Questions: have we confirmed a 3rd Quarter break product ? How much break(s) are there per quarter ? and last question is can we trade random teams prior to the break ?
When all is said and done after the cost of the Finest Case we should have about $500 +/- $25 to spend on other product. Any input is welcome. Where the Finest isn't live until the end of August there will be 1 break for all the product. In the 2nd quarter we had 2 different breaks will all the cards going out after the 2nd break. You can trade teams if you like and you can find a trading partner. You can also sell your 2nd spot if you wish but whoever buys your 2nd spot will also have to send me funds for shipping.

Originally Posted by mdh View Post
With the random list up, does that mean it's going to be randomized and we get our second team already?
No the list was for reference. The list will no be randomed until all 3rd quarter spots are paid for.
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