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Originally Posted by JDK16 View Post
question.. most sites have a 8 hr bump rule..this site is so bust that an hour or sometimes 30 mins after u post a b/s/t it is on page 2 within 3 hours its 3 pages deep and no one will see.. could we possibly consider a 12 hour bump rule so you can post something in morning then if no hits bump it once for the nighttime crowd,,just a suggestion and this should also cut down on thread bumping violations
Like Wheeler said, there are only so many threads that go on each page, so that isn't going to help things.

If you have in-demand cards for sale and include all the relevant info and a DESCRIPTIVE thread title, people will find them regardless of what page they are on. The search function and "new posts" listing ensures that.

If you have junk nobody wants, all the bumping in the world isn't going to make them sell.
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