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Originally Posted by ricefan77 View Post
I'll take one more slot, #57
Originally Posted by Anderdale View Post
1 more for me. 59 please
Originally Posted by oldgoldy97 View Post
1 more for me, too.
Updated. Thanks.

Only 3 spots left. Almost full! After that, I'll take reserve spots if people back out.

Once full, I'll have the MODs move this break to active and start collecting money. Since we have some time before the break, I'll allow you a week to pay for your slots. Any unpaid spots will be offered to reserve spots. After all slots are paid for, the MOD will random and trading will begin. Remember, you can trade right up to 1 hour before the break begins. The break date and time are TBD. I typically get things on release date or the next day around 4PM. If you guys are eager to do the break, we can do it the same day, or we can take our time so that more people can join the live break.

I do have a question for anyone that's done a live break before...what's the difference between BlogTV and UStream? Is one better than the other? Also, is the reason most people try to keep a break under 10 minutes so that they can post it on YouTube? If I don't plan on posting on YouTube, can I just let the recording run?
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