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For anyone that is new to draft style group breaks, I just want to clarify:

The slot you pick does not determine the order you will draft. Once the break is paid in full, a mod from Blowout will randomize the picks 3 times. This will determine the draft order. You will receive a NEW number and this is your place in the hit draft. Then, before the draft actually takes place, you can request trades with people. This is usually the fun part. Let's say you aren't that crazy about having a high draft spot and you are going for quantity over quality, you can trade your early pick for several late picks. Also, some people that are not happy with their draft slot may try to get out of the break by selling their slot to someone that didn't originally sign up for the break. There are many possibilities when trading. The only requirement for a trade is, the person initiating the trade must post it on this thread and the person finalizing the trade must confirm the post.

I've seen most of you on other breaks, so I'm sure you are familiar with all of this. If you are new to group breaks, feel free to PM me with questions and I'll try to answer them in this thread for all to see. Even if you aren't new, but don't understand something, let me know. I don't want any surprises to surface after the fact. Better to get them out now before people start paying.
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