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Originally Posted by mdh View Post
How about the finest case, 2 topps jumbo, 2 plates and patches (1118) and hold off until better 2011 stuff comes out to bust more of that.

Otherwise, I am in for the plates and patches.

I am fine with :

(1) Case of 2011 Finest Football
(2) Box 2011 Topps Jumbo
(1 or 2) 2010 Plates and Patches

PS: I don't care about quantity but I prefer not to add anymore product to help save for 4th Qtr break

for everyone that likes 2010 Plates and Patches, do you want to break Box of 2011 Elite FB and Box of 2011 Rising Rookies FB also, or save money for later 2011 products ?

I vote not to break 2011 Elite FB or Box of 2011 Rising Rookies FB and save money
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