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Alright folks. I'm making an executive decision. I'm going to cancel this break and start a new one for 2010 BDP.

1) I busted 2 cases of Platinum last night and I can tell you right now, we'll have a lot of unhappy participants. Of the 3 box hits/36 case hits, 12 of those hits are the sucky relics. Check out my 2 case break and you will see what I'm talking about.

2) The sign up for this break has bombed out. Only news right now is negative news. We will not fill this week or next week because everyone is trying to stay away. Also, prices are dropping and I already locked in.

3) I spoke to Blowout and they are allowing me to move the deposit towards other cases.

I know some of you are looking foward to Platinum, but I don't think it's going to work.

So my new break will be posted later tonight. I'm throwing around the idea of a 2 product break. I'm thinking 2 cases of 2010 BDP and 2 cases of 2011 Bowman Hobby. It would still be a hit/team style break. I don't remember the exact breakdown, but I think it's 12 hits per case in BDP and 12 hits per box for Bowman. Then I would do team sets for both BDP and Bowman.

So this is a rough breakdown. If you guys are interested, I'll put down an exact breakdown.

48 - Hits from BDP and Bowman
30 - Team Lots Slots of BDP (includes all rc, prospects and parallels)
30 - Team Lot Slots of Bowman (includes all vets, rc, prospect and parallels)

108 slots total.

Price will break down to rougly $36 per slot (@$900 per case). Probably less when I break down the inserts.

Give me your feedback on this idea.
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